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How to Receive Treatment


What should I know before starting KYMRIAH?

You and your treatment team will discuss the KYMRIAH® (tisagenlecleucel) therapy process. Not all treatment centers can offer KYMRIAH, so the first step is finding a treatment center that does. View the list of participating KYMRIAH Treatment Centers or call KYMRIAH CARES™ at 1-844-4KYMRIAH (1-844-459-6742) for an up-to-date list of KYMRIAH Treatment Centers. 

What is the process for getting KYMRIAH?

You may be considering KYMRIAH but are unsure of the process. Below is a detailed description of each step so you know what to expect of KYMRIAH therapy.

How do I get KYMRIAH?

You may go see a different doctor who will take some of your cells from your blood and teach them how to look for your cancer cells. Once your cells know how to find your cancer cells, they will be put back into your body to start fighting your cancer.