How KYMRIAH May Help

DLBCL treatment individualized just for you

KYMRIAH® (tisagenlecleucel) is not a pill, chemotherapy, or transplant. KYMRIAH is an individualized treatment made just for you, using the inner strength of your own immune system to fight your cancer. By reprogramming your T cells, KYMRIAH enhances their ability to detect and destroy your B cells, including those with cancer in them.

Will KYMRIAH put my cancer into remission?

The goal of KYMRIAH is to put your cancer into long-term remission. Many patients with DLBCL have had lasting responses to treatment. Keep in mind that every patient is unique and responses to treatment may vary depending on the individual.


In a global, phase 2 pivotal study (JULIET), high rates of long-lasting responses were seen with the use of KYMRIAH.

Overall response rate and duration of response graphic