How KYMRIAH May Help

Relapsed/refractory (r/r) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) treatment, individualized just for you

KYMRIAH® (tisagenlecleucel) is not a pill, chemotherapy, or transplant. KYMRIAH is an individualized treatment made just for you, using the inner strength of your own immune system to fight your cancer. By reprogramming your T cells, KYMRIAH enhances their ability to detect and destroy your B cells, including those with cancer in them.

Will KYMRIAH work for me?

The goal of KYMRIAH is to put your cancer into long-term remission. Many patients with r/r DLBCL have had lasting responses to treatment. Keep in mind that every patient is unique, and responses to treatment may vary depending on the individual.


In a global, phase 2 pivotal study (JULIET), high rates of long-lasting responses were seen with the use of KYMRIAH.

Overall response rate and duration of response graphic

Data from the 40.3-month median follow-up of JULIET are not included in the prescribing information and should be interpreted carefully.