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Advocacy & Support Groups


Support and resources for family and friends

A cancer treatment journey can take a toll on the whole family. It’s important to seek care for not only physical health, but also mental and emotional well-being. There are support groups, as well as Novartis resources, to help you at each step of your treatment journey. Go to Support Resources to see what other support is available.

Day-to-Day Patient Support Resources

The Novartis Oncology Day-to-Day Patient Support Resource provides information on a range of independent, third-party organizations that can provide support to help complement your treatment plan and care. Services may include transportation, lodging, healthy meals, home cleaning, and more. Go to to learn more.

If you are caring for a child with cancer:

  • Know that it is okay to ask for help. Establish a support network of family, friends, and/or religious or spiritual groups
  • Consider counseling services for yourself and for those close to you
  • Keep a notebook of important information such as appointments, business cards, or emergency numbers
  • Maintain a schedule to help bring a sense of normalcy to a family setting with planned times for meals, homework, or play
  • Keep in mind that no two cancer experiences are the same and that patients, families, and caregivers may cope with cancer differently
  • Remember to care for your own health and wellness. Take time to exercise, meet a friend for coffee, or see a movie


General support

American Cancer Society

Visit to find support programs and services in your area, as well as an information center and online support communities.


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)


Cancer Research Institute

Visit to learn about the immune system and immunotherapies, to read a helpbook for patients with cancer, and to connect with a support community for immunotherapy patients and caregivers.

Support for young adults

Young adults diagnosed with cancer face a unique set of challenges. Below are groups that offer support uniquely for young adults with cancer.



13thirty is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting young people with cancer. It provides cancer and treatment education along with coping strategies and local chapter connections. Visit to learn more.


Group Loop

Group Loop is a young adult–specific support platform where you can speak directly to other teens affected by cancer. You can participate in discussion boards, instantly message new friends, and maintain your own video journal. Visit to start making connections and supporting each other.


Stupid Cancer

Stupid Cancer is a US-based charity that supports young adults worldwide. In addition to information, online community forums, and regional support groups, there are large-scale summits and meet-ups throughout the year. Visit to learn more and register for an event near you.


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Share your KYMRIAH story

Sometimes, hearing other families’ experiences with relapsed or refractory B-cell ALL can make all the difference to a new patient. If you would like to share your family’s story, please call 1-844-606-3339 or e-mail